New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, July 16, 2012


July 13th: 6:40am wakeup. Wait I was technically supposed to be at work by 6am. Rushed around and out the door by 6:50pm to make it to work by 7:10am. It wasn't the end of the world because Alyssa was there at 6am to escort Sean (new employee) around. She had charts/graphs to do in the morning, but those were put on the delay. It's all good. The first time I have been late for work (for this job and maybe a total of 4 times between all jobs). Work until 3:15ish. Busy day, but tasks were completely even having it be Friday the 13th.

Home to the apartment to pack up real quick and out the door by 3:50pm. Smooth ride with no problems. I had cash and change for the tolls. Ca-chang! Arrived my sister's in Leominster, Mass by 6:35pm. Greeted by Tucker and Sarah. Kimber was arriving around 8:30ish. Bob was coming home by 8ish after his softball game. Sarah and I hit up the ghettoish Hannaford's. First set of people we see are a couple of young girls. One with a stroller and the other with half of a shirt on (belly shirt). Okayyy! Strange. Grabbed some things for homemade pizza on the grill.

Back to start making pizza. All things went according to plan. The first two pizzas went great. Tomato and green pepper. Turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, onions and ricotta. The third pizza made it to the grill, but not all of it made it back to the countertop. Dropped right outside on the deck. Salvaged what we could. It's all good. Dinner eaten at 9pm.

Rocked out to some new songs (Sarah was way behind on the times so I had to catch her up). Bed by 11pm.

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