New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Double Day

July 19th: 5:45am wakeup. 3 miles (NT) at 6am. Oatmeal for breakfast. Normal day at work. 7:30am-4pm. It's been throwing me off a little to work later in the day. I am used to working, relaxing, then running. Right now it is run, work, run, dinner, relax (a little), bed. I need to go to bed earlier especially once I start doubling pretty much everyday for marathon training.

Home by 4:30pm. Relaxed for a little. 7 miles (49:17) with Goupil. Just ran around town. Nothing exciting. Big ole burger for dinner, which was the most exciting thing of the day. I haven't prepared a burger for dinner in a while. It was bomb. Avocado and all. Lots of seasoning. Mmmmm.

TV and be at a reasonable hour for another day.

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