New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rhode Island Getaways

June 29th - July 5th: 55 miles

June 29th (Monday): 7 miles (NT)
June 30th (Tuesday): 8 miles (NT)
July 1st (Wednesday): 7 total - 2 mile TT: 9:56
July 2nd (Thursday): 5 miles (NT)
July 3rd (Friday): 4.5 miles (NT)
July 4th (Saturday): Firecracker 4 miler - 20:00. The race was fairly even and better than I thought I was going to run, but I wasn't super smooth while running. Pushing out to a late marathon.
July 5th (Sunday): 13.5 miles (point A to point B) followed by a BBQ.

 Skin and bones.

July 6th - July 12th: 59 miles

July 6th (Monday): 5 miles (NT)
July 7th (Tuesday): 9 miles with Donegan in the Luther Forest Trails
July 8th (Wednesday): 10 miles (65:02) 5 x 30,60,90 with Pete Rowell
July 9th (Thursday): 7 miles (NT) in the rain with Goup
July 10th (Friday): 3 miles (20:06)
July 11th (Saturday): 15.5 (1:44:10) with Chuck Terry and Pete Rowell from Joe Benny's house
July 12th (Sunday): SPAC 5K - ended up being short more like 2.85 - 14:24.

July 13th - July 19th: 66 miles

July 13th (Monday): 7.5 miles (NT)
July 14th (Tuesday): 10 miles (69:50)
July 15th (Wednesday): 12 miles total. 3 mile tempo: 15:35. 6x800: 2:27, 2:28, 2:26, 2:25, 2:25, 2:22. 6x200: 31, 31, 30, 29, 30, 29. Great workout for middle July.
July 16th (Thursday): 9.5 miles (76:57) with Goup. Super super super easy.
July 17th (Friday): 4 miles (26:45)
July 18th (Saturday): 18++ (2:20:43)
July 19th (Sunday): 4.5 miles (40:11) with Sarah in LemVegas

 Suburb life.

 Cooling off in the humidity.

 Straight diva.

Love this picture. Love the owls. 

July 20th - July 26th: 77 miles

July 20th (Monday): 11.5 miles (80:51)
July 21st (Tuesday): 8 miles (55:26)
July 22nd (Wednesday): 8 miles total. Light workout. 3 mile tempo: 15:34. 2x400 (73, 72). 2x200: 35, 34.
July 23rd (Thursday): 10 miles (76:22) with Pete at Kinns Road.
July 24th (Friday): Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile RR. 52:48 and felt not amazing. Splits are as followed: 4:56, 5;07, 5:05, 5:23, 5:35, 5:20, 5:22, 5:13, 5:18. Re-rallied at the end with the thunderstorm and rain rolling in.
July 25th (Saturday): 12 miles (82:04) with Dan V and Matty P.
July 26th (Sunday): 13 miles (85:08) with Matty P. 6:12 last mile. Great weekend with Matty P. Not the best race, but ran a tough race.

Contractor in my class. He fixed it before he handed it in.

 Scott Mason catching me doing strides.

Out fast. Maybe too fast.
 At least my hair is on fleek.

 1st, 3rd, 4th.

July 27th - August 2nd: 64 miles with a day off

July 27th (Monday): Off day.
July 28th (Tuesday): 9+ miles (67:49) with Donegan and Goup.
July 29th (Wednesday): 6x800. 6x200. Legs total junk. 2:40, 2:41, 2:37, 2:37, 2:34, 2:31. 33, 34, 33, 33, 32, 31. Wicked hot out.
July 30th (Thursday): 10+ miles (73:58) with Pete in Kinns.
July 31st (Friday): 11.5 miles (79:23).
August 1st (Saturday): 7 miles (51:16) before heading out to RI for the 2nd weekend in a row.
August 2nd (Sunday): 16 miles on the day. 4 mile before watching Run 4 Kerri. 4 miles after the race. BBQ at the Bessette's was epic until I stepped over the line and throw a plastic boat filled with water on Matty P's foot. 8+ miles (55:07) in the evening once I was back in NY.

Best view in the house. Photo courtesy of Scott Mason.

June (Month of Recovery)

June was spent attempting to bounce back from Vermont City Marathon. I ran the Route 50 Mile in Burnt Hills in 4:29 and felt like my heart was gonna pound out of my chest. We took it out hot and I suffered for second to Pete Rowell (worthy opponent and cruised right by me).

I attended a 6 year old's birthday party with a bouncy house! It was epic. Day off was in store.

Tested out a last mile pickup of a 5 mile run in sub 4:50. Confidence is there, but the legs are not completely back. I am moving in the right direction.

I had a pitiful attempt at the beer mile. I was unable to finish and I never would like to even line up for another one. Off the bucket list.

 Lunch at work. Taco Tuesday.


 I found my tongue.

 Too cute.


On her hog. Mean muggin.