New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, February 24, 2014

Quality and A Day Off

February 17th (Monday): Taught in the morning. Shake for breakfast. Pasta and chicken for lunch. Down to Clifton Park for a little shopping. Relaxed. Lots of Nutella for fuel. Out for 8.5 miles (59:07) with Goup.

 Dinner from the night before. Avocado, spinach, onions, mushrooms with pasta and chicken.

February 18th (Tuesday): Same deal as last week. Hill workout/sprints with a couple Willow Street guys (Chuck Terry and Pat Cullen) at Pinehurst Avenue in Albany. 3+ mile warmup. 4 miles of work on the hill. Worked from 58 seconds down to 47 seconds. 3+ mile cooldown. 10.5 on the day.

Immediately over to Fleet Feet in Albany for lifting with the group. Lighter lifting because of DH Jones this weekend. Convinced Paley to hit up 5 Guys for dinner. Same burger I always get. Double patty with cheese. Mayo, ketchup, grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, hot sauce and BBQ sauce. Always hits the spot. Cherry Coke and raspberry Powerade to wash it all down.

Home to shower and head to bed by 10:30pm.

February 19th (Wednesday): 7+ miles ridiculously easy with Goup. 55:46 and it felt amazing. Enough said.

February 20th (Thursday): Up to Saratoga after work to met up with Megan for a run. Goup, Meg and I were all under-dressed for the rain run, but we survived. 7.5 miles (55+). Inside to warm it up and change it dry clothes. Flannel lined pants came in handy. Over to Irish Times for a beer and dinner.

Two eggs, bangers, Rasher bacon, black and white pudding, baked beans,  
grilled tomatoes and Irish soda bread. Washed down with a nut brown ale.

February 21th (Friday): Easy day at work. Pot luck lunch with lots of homemade items. Destroyed a couple plates. A recipe for rancid gas later in the evening.

 Spotted a Subaru Forester (STi version).

Thursday, February 20, 2014

6 Out Of 7 Days Outdoors

February 10th (Monday): 8 miles (59:57) in Saratoga with Megan and Goup. Easy on the legs. Quads were tight, but legs felt better than I thought after a solid 25 mile long run.

February 11th (Tuesday): 9 miles total on the day. Workout with a couple Willow Street guys in Albany on the Pinehurst hill at 5:45pm. 3 mile warmup. 2 mile cooldown. Over to Fleet Feet for weight lifting. Lots of squats. Variety of pushups. Abs. Over to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries with Paley to replenish the system with lots of quality nutrition.

February 12th (Wednesday): 5+ mile loop (38:04) with Goup.

February 13th (Thursday): 5 miles (32:54) on the treadmill in the evening. Major snowstorm keep me indoors to avoid the crappy roads and crazy drivers.

OCD much?

 Cleared the neighbor's driveway and all the way across the road.

February 14th (Friday): 9 miles (62:34) with Goup in the evening after work at about 6pm.

 Double spinach egg and cheese sandwiches. Valentine's day dinner to myself.

February 15th (Saturday): 12 miles (82:35) at SUNY Albany with Goup, Renee, and Joanna. Worked the last few miles with the girls.

February 16th (Sunday): Slept in until 11am. Open face egg and cheese sandwich. Clif Bar with gobs of Nutella as a second round for breakfast. Star Trek was on TV on FX. Watched it all. Changed up for a long run at 2pm. No route planned. 15+ miles (1:40:55). Back to stretch, foam roll, and shower up. Protein shake. Relaxed a bit. Back in the kitchen to make dinner (lunch for the next day). The Cosby Show, then Wedding Crashers. Bed at a decent hour.

63 miles for the week. Solid week of work.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Keene Bound + 25 Mile Long Run

February 3rd (Monday): 8.5 miles (NT).

February 4th (Tuesday): 5 miles (31:22) outside on the normal loop. Worked it in after a mile warmup. Weight training down in Albany in the evening.

February 5th (Wednesday): 8 miles (60:12). No grocery shopping so I've been eating the homemade mac and cheese Sarah made every day for lunch. Eggs and protein shakes for dinner.

Egg and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

February 6th (Thursday): 5 miles (29:40) on the treadmill in the evening. 25:37 effort off the McDaniels calculator. Keep the grade honest. Mount Washington is the next goal race.

1st mile: 8.5 mi/hr at 3% grade (6:30 effort)
2nd mile: 10 mi/hr at 6% grade (4:35 effort)
3rd mile: 11 mi/hr at 4% grade (4:42 effort)
4th mile: 10 mi/hr at 7% grade (4:20 effort)
5th mile: 9 mi/hr to 12 mi/hr, increased each 1/4 mile at 3% grade - 5:40 (5:20 effort)

February 7th (Friday): 7 miles (46:26) with Goup before heading to Keene. Out to the bars for the night.

 Swag and Snoop. My job is the coolest.

February 8th (Saturday): Relaxed all morning. Fresh salad at 12:30pm with Goup. 10 miles (69:28). Beech Hill 10 loop from Fowler Street and added on in Robin Hood at 4pm. Fell asleep by 8:15pm.

February 9th (Sunday): Everything bagel with butter for breakfast for Dunkin Donuts. 25 miles (2:44:31) in Vermont with Hammett, Ferenc, and Goup. A couple Powerbar Gels for fuel. Last few miles at low 6s or sub 6s. Monster run with good people. Serious protein shake after the run. Ferenc had individual mason jars for all of us back at his house. Hit the spot. Watched Kick Ass and chowed down on frozen pizza. On the road by 7pm. Home by 9:30pm.

Birthday Week (End Of January)

January 27th (Monday): 7 miles (48:34). Standard start to the week with a bomb dinner to end the night.

Ground beef. Avocado.

January 28th (Tuesday): 7 miles (43:23). Quick run with Goup in the evening.

January 29th (Wednesday): 8.5 miles (61:43). Easy run around Saratoga with Goup and Megan.

Craving hamburgers this week.

January 30th (Thursday): Major cleaning in anticipation of the company for the weekend. No run.

January 31th (Friday): 8.5 miles (57:30) with Goup. A couple buddies came over around 8pm. Sarah and Bob in from Massachusetts at 9pm. Out to Saratoga for the night for the big 25th birthday celebration. Fun night.

February 1st (Saturday): Day off. IHOP for breakfast. Chowder Fest in downtown Saratoga. Hanging out with the family the whole day.

February 2nd (Sunday): Winter series 10 miler. Minimal warmup again. 10 miles (54:18). A couple people had it as 10 long. So I'll take it as 53 high. Solid solo effort. 3+ mile cooldown (27:39) with Tom O'Grady. Superbowl Sunday. Anticlimactic night. Chilled at the house.

44 miles for the week. Down week, but oh well. Great weekend with the family. Glad they were able to make it for the week and spend time with me.

15K Tempo

January 20th (Monday): 8+ miles (58:12). Shake for breakfast. Pasta and veggies for lunch. Eggs for dinner.

January 21st (Tuesday): 8.5 miles total. 6 miles outside in single digit (44+). 2.5 miles (17:09) on the treadmill. Body couldn't warm up outside, but got the solid hour in.

January 22nd (Wednesday): 7 miles (45:09) with Goup. Solid progressive run.

Big bowl of oat bran with plain Greek yogurt to make it extra creamy.

January 23rd (Thursday): 11+ miles on the treadmill. I was in the zone and it was balls cold out. 10 miles in 65:xx. Solid day of miles.

January 24th (Friday): 8.5 miles (57:40). Plan was to hit up Albany for a hockey game with Goup and our buddy from the racing team. He cancelled last minute and we were already en route. So we hit up the bars. Good night with some friends.

January 25th (Saturday): 11 miles (79:34) in the morning hours. Snowy, but an enjoyable run.


January 26th (Sunday): Minimal warmup and made it to the winter series 15k just in time. 52:09 for a solid tempo with Paley. Blueberry pie for the win. 2.5 mile (18:03) warmup with Goup.

Big batch of stir-fry made with the new wok for the week.

67 miles the week. Solid week with a couple hard efforts.