New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Keene Bound + 25 Mile Long Run

February 3rd (Monday): 8.5 miles (NT).

February 4th (Tuesday): 5 miles (31:22) outside on the normal loop. Worked it in after a mile warmup. Weight training down in Albany in the evening.

February 5th (Wednesday): 8 miles (60:12). No grocery shopping so I've been eating the homemade mac and cheese Sarah made every day for lunch. Eggs and protein shakes for dinner.

Egg and cheese sandwiches for dinner.

February 6th (Thursday): 5 miles (29:40) on the treadmill in the evening. 25:37 effort off the McDaniels calculator. Keep the grade honest. Mount Washington is the next goal race.

1st mile: 8.5 mi/hr at 3% grade (6:30 effort)
2nd mile: 10 mi/hr at 6% grade (4:35 effort)
3rd mile: 11 mi/hr at 4% grade (4:42 effort)
4th mile: 10 mi/hr at 7% grade (4:20 effort)
5th mile: 9 mi/hr to 12 mi/hr, increased each 1/4 mile at 3% grade - 5:40 (5:20 effort)

February 7th (Friday): 7 miles (46:26) with Goup before heading to Keene. Out to the bars for the night.

 Swag and Snoop. My job is the coolest.

February 8th (Saturday): Relaxed all morning. Fresh salad at 12:30pm with Goup. 10 miles (69:28). Beech Hill 10 loop from Fowler Street and added on in Robin Hood at 4pm. Fell asleep by 8:15pm.

February 9th (Sunday): Everything bagel with butter for breakfast for Dunkin Donuts. 25 miles (2:44:31) in Vermont with Hammett, Ferenc, and Goup. A couple Powerbar Gels for fuel. Last few miles at low 6s or sub 6s. Monster run with good people. Serious protein shake after the run. Ferenc had individual mason jars for all of us back at his house. Hit the spot. Watched Kick Ass and chowed down on frozen pizza. On the road by 7pm. Home by 9:30pm.

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