New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Birthday Week (End Of January)

January 27th (Monday): 7 miles (48:34). Standard start to the week with a bomb dinner to end the night.

Ground beef. Avocado.

January 28th (Tuesday): 7 miles (43:23). Quick run with Goup in the evening.

January 29th (Wednesday): 8.5 miles (61:43). Easy run around Saratoga with Goup and Megan.

Craving hamburgers this week.

January 30th (Thursday): Major cleaning in anticipation of the company for the weekend. No run.

January 31th (Friday): 8.5 miles (57:30) with Goup. A couple buddies came over around 8pm. Sarah and Bob in from Massachusetts at 9pm. Out to Saratoga for the night for the big 25th birthday celebration. Fun night.

February 1st (Saturday): Day off. IHOP for breakfast. Chowder Fest in downtown Saratoga. Hanging out with the family the whole day.

February 2nd (Sunday): Winter series 10 miler. Minimal warmup again. 10 miles (54:18). A couple people had it as 10 long. So I'll take it as 53 high. Solid solo effort. 3+ mile cooldown (27:39) with Tom O'Grady. Superbowl Sunday. Anticlimactic night. Chilled at the house.

44 miles for the week. Down week, but oh well. Great weekend with the family. Glad they were able to make it for the week and spend time with me.

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