New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, February 15, 2014

15K Tempo

January 20th (Monday): 8+ miles (58:12). Shake for breakfast. Pasta and veggies for lunch. Eggs for dinner.

January 21st (Tuesday): 8.5 miles total. 6 miles outside in single digit (44+). 2.5 miles (17:09) on the treadmill. Body couldn't warm up outside, but got the solid hour in.

January 22nd (Wednesday): 7 miles (45:09) with Goup. Solid progressive run.

Big bowl of oat bran with plain Greek yogurt to make it extra creamy.

January 23rd (Thursday): 11+ miles on the treadmill. I was in the zone and it was balls cold out. 10 miles in 65:xx. Solid day of miles.

January 24th (Friday): 8.5 miles (57:40). Plan was to hit up Albany for a hockey game with Goup and our buddy from the racing team. He cancelled last minute and we were already en route. So we hit up the bars. Good night with some friends.

January 25th (Saturday): 11 miles (79:34) in the morning hours. Snowy, but an enjoyable run.


January 26th (Sunday): Minimal warmup and made it to the winter series 15k just in time. 52:09 for a solid tempo with Paley. Blueberry pie for the win. 2.5 mile (18:03) warmup with Goup.

Big batch of stir-fry made with the new wok for the week.

67 miles the week. Solid week with a couple hard efforts.


  1. I can't wait to read about the long run we did last week. I'll check back in a month. ;)