New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, February 20, 2014

6 Out Of 7 Days Outdoors

February 10th (Monday): 8 miles (59:57) in Saratoga with Megan and Goup. Easy on the legs. Quads were tight, but legs felt better than I thought after a solid 25 mile long run.

February 11th (Tuesday): 9 miles total on the day. Workout with a couple Willow Street guys in Albany on the Pinehurst hill at 5:45pm. 3 mile warmup. 2 mile cooldown. Over to Fleet Feet for weight lifting. Lots of squats. Variety of pushups. Abs. Over to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries with Paley to replenish the system with lots of quality nutrition.

February 12th (Wednesday): 5+ mile loop (38:04) with Goup.

February 13th (Thursday): 5 miles (32:54) on the treadmill in the evening. Major snowstorm keep me indoors to avoid the crappy roads and crazy drivers.

OCD much?

 Cleared the neighbor's driveway and all the way across the road.

February 14th (Friday): 9 miles (62:34) with Goup in the evening after work at about 6pm.

 Double spinach egg and cheese sandwiches. Valentine's day dinner to myself.

February 15th (Saturday): 12 miles (82:35) at SUNY Albany with Goup, Renee, and Joanna. Worked the last few miles with the girls.

February 16th (Sunday): Slept in until 11am. Open face egg and cheese sandwich. Clif Bar with gobs of Nutella as a second round for breakfast. Star Trek was on TV on FX. Watched it all. Changed up for a long run at 2pm. No route planned. 15+ miles (1:40:55). Back to stretch, foam roll, and shower up. Protein shake. Relaxed a bit. Back in the kitchen to make dinner (lunch for the next day). The Cosby Show, then Wedding Crashers. Bed at a decent hour.

63 miles for the week. Solid week of work.

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