New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Home to Newtown

April 14th (Monday): 11 miles on the day. 2.5 mile (16:17) warmup over to Hills Road. 4 x Hills Road loop. Rocked the loops. 4:43, 4:38, 4:30, 4:29. Cooled down to the Zim Smith trail for We Run The Capital Run. 4.5 mile cooldown total with a stop at The Mill for a beer (Saucony rep paid for it).

 Black bean turkey burger with avocado and salsa. First of many.

April 15th (Tuesday): 3 miles in the morning (21:22). Easy day at work. Stayed late. 7++ miles in the trails with Goup and Will Koons (electrician contractor from the job site). Underdressed and battled rain, sleet, and snow. Shorts and t-shirt was rough. Vented about work to keep myself warm.

Wittle munchkin!

April 16th (Wednesday): 10 miles (69:37) with Goup in the afternoon.

April 17th (Thursday): Attempted a workout at UAlbany and it went terribly. 2 mile warmup. 4x400 in mid 70's. Decided to stop instead of struggling through the ladder. 1.5 mile cooldown. 8 miles on the day. Some days aren't career days.

April 18th (Friday): 7 miles (49:05) in the evening with Goup.

April 19th (Saturday): Home to Newtown for a short weekend to celebrate Sarah's birthday and Easter. 9 miles (61:35). I was able to sleep in and relax before heading down to CT.

 Gatorade mix to bring home.

April 20th (Sunday): 15 miles (1:51:34) in the morning. Some of the miles were run with Sarah and my dad. The rest of the day was spent time with the family for Easter. 70 miles for the week and a quality week overall.

More pictures of my favorite niece!

Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost

April 7th (Monday): 10 miles (70:49). Half on trails, half on roads.

 Best way to break in the new trainers.

Steak over a bed of pasta.

April 8th (Tuesday): 3 miles (19:27) on my own in the morning. Smooth run. normal day at work. Down to UAlbany by 5:30ish for a track workout on the newly surfaced track. 3xmile with half rest. 3 mile warmup (19:24 + strides).

5:07, 5:04, 4:58. 25:22 for a total time. Rest was keep honest under 7 minute pace

2.5 mile cooldown (17:32) around the UAlbany campus. Over to lifting at Fleet Feet. Serious session of lifting. 5 sets of a circuit plus some core.

April 9th (Wednesday): 3 miles (NT) in the morning. 8 miles (57+) in the evening. Good day of recovery.

April 10th (Thursday): Attempted a workout in the afternoon. Too chilly in the morning to run and needed the sleep. 5 mile tempo in the middle of 10 mile run. Failed. 2 miles in 10:40ish and fell off hard. Trotted it in for 11++ miles (70:44).

April 11th (Friday): 5 miles (35:11) with Derrick at 6am. Shorter day at work and traveled down to Leominster, Mass for a weekend with the family (Sarah, Bob, Mom and Dad).

April 12th (Saturday): Some shopping and popped in to see the wedding planner with Sarah and Bob. 10 miles (87+) in the afternoon with Sarah. Out to dinner with the family at the local restaurant, Rye and Thyme. Good conversation and some live music.

April 13th (Sunday): Relaxed all day. 17.5 miles (2:01:15) with a couple necessary stops. I had a route mapped out for roughly 15 miles and was basically a bigger loop of an existing 10 mile loop I have done multiple times in Leominster. No need to write down directions (maybe I should).

The cool part of the run was finding out that one of the roads I mapped out the run on (the road that made it a bigger loop) was a blocked off dirt service road only. Boom! Cruised on that for a couple miles. First stop was the bathroom break in the woods.

Back on the pavement roads. No problem through 9 miles. Ran past a couple roads (one of them did not have a street sign, hmm) and continued right past them. 2nd stop was to ask how to get back to the center of LEOMINSTER. The guy responded with "Sterling?" No Leominster. He let me know, "I could head back a little and take the next left (I thought so) or continue down the road I was on and it was turn into Pleasant Street." I know Pleasant Street. Awesome. Continued on for another 5 miles and I was in DOWNTOWN STERLING. Liar! Listened to my instinct (aka the big sign that said Fitchburg/Leomisnter this way) and took a left onto route 12.

Coming up to 2 hours on the road and I told Sarah I would be back in 2 hours. Hmm. I recognized my surroundings and knew I had a few miles before returning to Sarah's house. Stopped into the Sterling Police Department to make a phone call to Sarah. In my short shorts and sweating up a storm, I asked the dispatcher if I could use a phone to call my sister and let her know where I was (it was in a jumbled form and probably sounded like crazy talk). He told me to sit down in the chair and he'll have someone help me. I gave him Sarah's name, my name, and her number to call. Sat back down. He asked if my sister had my phone.

Oops, I gave him my own number. Recited Sarah's number and he was able to get in contact with her. He asked if I was gonna be picked up at the Police Station or along the way. I let him know I had another 10 minutes to cover my distance/time. Aka I'll be running along Route 12 towards her house.

Frozen yogurt for dinner and off on the road back to NY by 8:45pm.

 A couple different fruit fro-yo flavors packed full of fruit on top.

75 miles for the week 
& a few photos below of my adorable niece!