New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, September 13, 2015

June (Month of Recovery)

June was spent attempting to bounce back from Vermont City Marathon. I ran the Route 50 Mile in Burnt Hills in 4:29 and felt like my heart was gonna pound out of my chest. We took it out hot and I suffered for second to Pete Rowell (worthy opponent and cruised right by me).

I attended a 6 year old's birthday party with a bouncy house! It was epic. Day off was in store.

Tested out a last mile pickup of a 5 mile run in sub 4:50. Confidence is there, but the legs are not completely back. I am moving in the right direction.

I had a pitiful attempt at the beer mile. I was unable to finish and I never would like to even line up for another one. Off the bucket list.

 Lunch at work. Taco Tuesday.


 I found my tongue.

 Too cute.


On her hog. Mean muggin.

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