New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

VCM Marathon Cycle and Race Recap

Yeah its been a while since I've updated. Some people weren't sure I was still alive or worst - training for anything. The training cycle for VCM was a quality one, but made a couple amateur mistakes before the race and everything went south quick in the race (and the week leading up).

Rest of February highlights:
  • 26 mile long run with Ferenc in VT. 
  • 1st snowshoe race the next day with Hammett and Ferenc.
Meat, egg and cheese.

Profile of the 26 miler.

View of the drive to VT. We ran through some snow.

 Breakfast before the long run. Oat bran with maple syrup, brown sugar and Greek yogurt.
March highlights:
  • 20 mile long run with the last 4 miles in 23:15.
  • New Bedford - raced tough, conditions were tough the last 5k, time wasn't there. 67:51. PR on the course so can't complain too much. Through 10 miles in 50:57.
  • 3 x 2 mile - 10:17, 10:07, 9:52 on the roads. Boom.
  • 20 miles in San Francisco. Beautiful morning run on the birthday of my niece Madison!
 I love her so much.

Wild Endurance represent!

Looking solid towards the finish.

 Can't get any cuter.

 Automatic seat cover changer. Cool!

 Kate's got the right recovery tools.


 Food trucks galore!

 View from the rooftop.



 Ray Bans.

 Birthday ice cream.
April highlights:
  • A couple 100+ mile weeks.
  • 3x2 mile hill workout that was wicked windy. 22.5 mile day.
  • Next day 20.5 long run with a couple 5 mile sections in sub 6. Felt amazing.
  • 3 x 3 mile - 15:25, 15:29, 15:18 on the roads. Felt smooth.
  • 24 mile long run with the last 10 miles in 58:09 to end a 105 mile week.
  • 16 x 400 workout. 76 down to 66.
May highlights (prior to VCM)
  • 20+ miles in 1:58:12. 5k warmup. 4 miles: 21:14. 1 mile rest. 3 miles: 15:57. 1 mile rest. 2 miles: 10:46. 1 mile rest. 1 mile: 5:18. Felt good. Practiced with fuel. Great confidence booster with the marathon in 3 weeks.
  • 13+ miles in 74:58. 7 sets of 30, 60, 90. Averaged 5:25 for the first 5. 5:22 for the next 4 miles.
  • 5k in 15:28 - expecting faster, but nursing some achilles pain so not bad for a solo effort. Not the same as my 14:51 the week before CIM.
  • A quality tune-up mile, 2x800, 4x400 workout a week out. 4:53, 2:23, 2:21, 70, 70, 68, 69.
Sushi - wicked good.

Mostly comparing long runs.


A couple days before the race.

 I appreciate my friends (thanks Pete and Emily!)
The mistakes that I am improving/eliminating on the next cycle:
  • Deep tissue massage 10 days out from VCM - aggravated things that were not an issue during the entire cycle (hips and IT bands were tight and almost in pain the week of the race - I thought it was just the tapering).
  • No true speed heading into the marathon. Focused on the long runs, but not enough on strides and shorter stuff throughout the cycle.
  • Achilles tightness - smart about training through it, but don't even want to encounter it next time.
  • Not enough sleep. Gotta get the sleep! Rest is crucial.
VCM breakdown is pretty plain and simple. Didn't have the pop in the legs after about 7 or 8 miles. At 10 miles I was averaging 5:18 pace. Dropped off the next 3 miles to 17:21 total. Ouch. Maintained just under sub 6 for most of the rest of miles and made it to a 2:28:xx finish.

Onto the next one. Makes me hungry for the next. Trial and error.

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  1. Dude, good to hear from you on the blog. (I've been chowing the larabars lately. The one that is just dates and cashews i could barely manage at first, but now I am into it.) Hope to see you out there somewhere some time. Come to lone gull for a fast road 10k in September!