New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, July 9, 2012

Boilermaker 15K Race Report + Shenanigans

July 8th: 4:10am wakeup. Trouble falling asleep the night before so I didn't get much sleep. Up and moving around though pretty quickly. Oatmeal. Packed up and out the door at 4:45am. Arrived at the carpool point (UAlbany) to make the drive in the van up to Utica, NY.

Van ride was smooth. One stop for a bathroom break. Napped a little bit. Arrived at the finish line (point A to point B course, but start and finish were only 2.5 miles from each other). School buses shuttled us to the starting line. Arrived at the starting line with no room to spare. 7:25am. Race goes off at 8:00 sharp! Had to find the baggage check, warmup, take a poop and get to the starting line. Found the baggage check (changed into racing attire before the warmup, flats and all). Found the starting line corral we were in. No place to warmup and a huge line for the lone 2 port-o-pottys for the 100+ people in the corral. Found a spot to warmup outside the fenced in area and pooped in some bushes while perching on a guardrail. Worked like a charm. Back to the start line with 7 minutes to spare. Off at 8am!

Watch was worn so we could keep track of time during the warmup and not miss the start. So I decided to time it. Splits 5:22, 5:23, 5:29 (16:53 5k), 5:45 (uphill), 4:45 (downhill with the lead women, sweet), 5:13 (33:10 10K, 16:17 2nd 5k), 5:50 (uphill), 5:13, 5:37 (spent and hurting), 1:35 last .3 miles. No real sprint and glad to be done. It warmed up through the race. I wasn't haven't it, but I finished in 50:16 (last 5k in 17:16, ouch). 2 mile cooldown (15:45) with the team. Popsicles, snow cone, and a protein shake all before the cooldown. Beer waited until after. Free Saranac beer and an empty stomach.

Van ride home. Passed out the whole time. Crashed on McCarthy's couch for a bunch of hours. Cheeseburger and drove home finally. Sweet potato fries for dinner. Bed early for a Monday of awesomeness.

63 for the week and ready for a couple down weeks.

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