New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, July 2, 2012

Saratoga For The Day

June 30th: 7:30am wakeup. Back to bed until 8:20ish. Out the door by 8:30am for an easy 7 mile (50:41) shakeout on my own while Kimber slept in. Back to stretch, foam roll, protein shake and shower. Bowls of cereal for breakfast at 10:30am. Chilled out to digest and figure out what we were gonna do for the rest of the day. We decided on Saratoga for mini golf and shopping.

Headed out around 12 or so for Saratoga. We walked up and down Broadway street. Hit up Eddie Bauer for the first store. Found some sweet sales. Picked up a pair of shorts, a tech polo, and a flannel. Craig was a huge help. A burly man with a beard. Honest opinions and set our stuff aside in a fitting room (with your name on a white board). Checked out a couple other stores before lunch at Spring Street Deli. Cherry Coke and a American Mix sandwich. Stopped off at another place to split a strawberry frutopia smoothie.

Back to the apartment by 4 or so. Goupil rented 21 Jump Street. We watched that around 5ish. Hilarous movie. Done by 7pm. I had all intentions of running again. Kimber did not. I convinced her to get out the door.

I ran a little before we both went out for 4 miles. 6 miles total (48:12). My first 2 miles on my own was terrible. Not how my legs felt or anything. It was the fact that I ran for a 1/2 mile along a trail. About 8-10 flies swarmed my head and were pissing me off. I tried picking up the pace and throwing leaves I ripped off plants behind me. Nothing. I finally decided to rip off an entire branch off a tree and run with it like a soldier with a gun marching into war. It worked wonders. Once I exited the woods, the flies were still on me. I pulled out my Star Wars lightsaber moves and slashed the flies away from me for the 2nd mile. It was awesome.

Back to the apartment by 8:20ish. Protein shake. Foam roll. Chilled. Watched some Olympic Trials. No dinner planned so we went to 16 Handles (frozen yogurt) at 10pm. 8+ dollars of frozen yogurt. Strawberry, banana and pomegrante tart. Lots of fruit and some chocolate.

Bed by 11:30pm. Long run on Sunday to end the week right.

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