New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Backyard Olympics

July 21st: 6:15am wakeup. Oatmeal for breakfast. Again. Arrived in Saratoga by 7:30am to run easy before spectating the Silks and Satin 5K. Some teammates were running so we decided to go watch. Some great races by individuals. Cooled down with Andrew McCarthy. 6 miles (42:34) total. Refreshments after. Free box of Freihofer's chocolate chip cookies. Ate the box. Don't worry, I shared.

Back to the apartment by 10am to relax until about 12:30pm. I was gonna run more, but decided to call it a day.

Back to Saratoga for some serious Backyard Olympics. 2nd annual. Goupil and I were ready to own. We played 5 different games (two times each) and the two teams with the most points faced each other for the whole thing (3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie). We won all of our rounds except for washers. We were terrible at this game.

We ended up having the best record and were facing Shaun Donegan and his girlfriend Kim. The finals were gonna be 7 minute lightning rounds of the 4 of the 5 games (Polish horseshoes, Kan Jam, Ladder Toss or Testicle Toss, and Washers). It was gonna be based on total points out of the 4 games. Every second counted. It was heated and we held our own. Polish horseshoes was our game throughout the day, but we losing after that round. Washers went the best for the minimal amount of time. Kan Jam we were killing it. With Ladder Toss last, we were down by 2 points. It was 8:30pm now and a little dark. We made it work and ended out on top by 10 points. Bam!

Fun time and headed out to Saratoga after. Opening weekend of the harness track so there were crowds everywhere. Out for a bit before heading home at 1am. Crashed hard and Sunday of nothing is all over my schedule.

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