New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Friday with Derrick

July 20th: 6:30am wakeup. Oatmeal for breakfast. I haven't bought milk yet and I have lots of cereal to eat. Basically laziness. Work 7:30am-4pm. Slow day and Alyssa had to show me a bunch of stuff I am responsible for next week while she completes her 40 hour HAZWOPER class. Charts, graphs, slideshow, emails, etc. It will break up the days next week, which is never a bad thing.

Home by 4:30ish. Planned run with Derrick at 5:15pm. Long time, no see. The run was interesting and entertaining. 9 miles (62:02). Solid run.

We wanted to go see Ted so we checked the showtimes and the next one (and only realistic one) was 7:45pm. It was about 6:30ish. Protein shake with fudge (prize from my Firecracker race). Delicious.

Goupil and I reviewed his weeks after his achilles injury back in October or November and before I arrived in NY. It was a roller coaster of mileage, workouts, races and days off. Puts it in perspective on how a running partner makes a huge difference, but no necessarily in a positive way. I was basically in shape when I arrived in NY. Goupil was still coming back and building base. So the 70-75 mile weeks he was running with me were not exactly beneficial at the time. Paid off in the long run once he took a down week here and there. Now's he racing well and feeling strong. Always a great thing with our eyes set on Hartford for the marathon.

This caused us to not eat dinner and rush to the movies. Made it there since its literally a 1/4 mile away. Hilarous friggin movie. Dying laughing the whole time. It was basically Family Guy in real life (and everything they can't say on television).

Home by 10pm. Chilled and bed at a decent hour to rest up for an easy run and the Backyard Olympics at a buddy's house all day Saturday in Saratoga.

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