New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, July 16, 2012

Night Out With The Boys

July 12th: 6:30ish wakeup. Cereal and another serving of chili for lunch. Cleaning out the system. Normal day at work. Blah day. Nothing really exciting. Home by 4:30pm.

Goupil and I headed out for a run at 5:30ish. Meeting up with some guys at 7pm in Albany for drinks. 5 miles (35:30). Kinda hot out. Survived. I made sure to make a double decker ham and cheese sandwich for the ride over to Albany.

Made it to Lionheart by 7pm. A bunch of the guys were there (Tom O'Grady, Pat, Eamon, and others). Grabbed a Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat (yeah I like the fruity girly beers). It was delicious. We hung out there for a while then hit up Hollywood for darts and food. Grabbed a Long Trail Blackberry Wheat (Less girly, but still kinda fruity). Delicious. Chilled there for a while and made it back to the apartment by 11pm.

Good night with the guys and chill out for a bit. Bed kinda late for a planned early work day of 6am-2:30pm because I need to escort one of our new employees around (no access badge yet). It's all good. Looking to get out of work early for a big traveling weekend.

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