New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, July 28, 2012

High Humidity

July 26th: 6:00am wakeup. I had to be work by 7am to assist in some TGMS (Toxic Gas Monitoring System) maintenance work. Honey Nut Cherrios for breakfast. Work 7am-3:30pm. Even the 30 minutes difference made it that much better of a day. PB & Nutella sandwich (no double deckers lately) for lunch. Yogurt with all sorts of stuff in it. Gatorade to hydrate. A huge factor for performing well with the summer conditions.

Home by 4pm. I was waiting for Goupil to walk into the door for a while and forgot that he was heading to Keene to run Blessing of the Fleet in Rhode Island the next day (Friday). Chilled out for a while and it was hot out so I wasn't looking forward to stepping out the door.

Out the door finally by 8pm. High visibility vest in full effect (I think it was one of my first times during the summer to wear it). I know this because it was riding up on my neck. I am used to wearing it over 3 layers including a pullover during the wintertime. It wasn't super annoying, but noticeable.

Back to rip off the soaking wet t-shirt. I can understand what Goupil goes through pretty much every time he runs. Doesn't matter the distance. Stretched, foam rolled and showered before making some dinner.

FaceTimed with my mom while cooking up all my food. Salad with chicken marinated in hot sauce, Italian dressing, chili powder, chicken rub, and black pepper. Caramelized onions, fresh avocado, shredded cheese (with my new real cheese grater from TJ Maxx), and tomato. Peppercorn ranch dressing. It was boss. Hit the spot. Cooked up some egg noodles for lunch tomorrow and extra chicken.

Big Bang Theory and bed by 11pm. Earliest start tomorrow because I need to make some graphs/charts/reports for our EHS manager. It only means I get to leave earlier and it's Friday. Can't complain.

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