New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Much Needed Cleaning Before Chillaxing

July 28th: 8am wakeup to the alarm. Dozed on and off until 8:45am. Out of bed to get ready for a morning run. Decided to get the longer run out of the way on the double day. 11 mile (76:15) semi-adventure run on my own. Made the mistake of wearing a black shirt with the sun beating down on me the whole way. Survived.

Back to stretch, foam roll and a protein shake. Been using my fudge from my 4th of July road race for my protein shake. Steps up the taste of the shake, to the max! Showered up and hung out at the apartment to relax before attacking the day. Started by washing a bunch of dishes that allowed me to eat a bowl of Honey Nut Cherrios for breakfast (there were no clean bowls or silverware). The next few hours was organzing my room (laundry), organizing and rinsing out the recyclables, collecting the garbages, and updating my blog because I've been behind.

Hit up the transfer station to drop off the two reusable grocery bags full of recyclables. Stopped off at an auto repair shop to ask about state inspections for NY. Closed. Hmm. Swung by the laundromat to do a couple loads of laundry. Washed the bathroom rugs because something was growing on one of them. I thought it was a good choice to try to minimize the science projects in the apartment. We get enough of those between the fridge and underneath my toenails.

Back to the apartment to talk with my sister and her boyfriend Bob about my car situation. Receiving valuable advice and expert tips on researching the right car and the appropiate prices. Did some major surfing on Kelly Blue Book and Consumer Reports. Discussed with my mom and dad about the car situation as well. Trying to figure out the best solution to my car not being able to pass inspection. It's all good. Protein shake to hold me over for my next run.

Headed out for another run at around 6pm. 5 miles (34:15). Relaxing 2nd run and tacked up 16 miles on the day. Foam roll, stretch, and started making burritos. Cooked up some ground beef. Added some spices. Tossed avocado, tomato, cheese, sautéed onions/mushrooms, salsa and hot sauce.

Stopped off in Saratoga for the night to a co-workers to chill out since Goupil wasn't home for the weekend. Most of his roommates were out of town as well so it was just hanging out. Long Trail Belgian Whites. Pizza slices for dinner and some type of Indian thing with peas and potatoes.

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