New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 2, 2012

Fast Friends 4.5 Miler Race Report

March 31st: 6:30am wakeup. Snoozed. 6:45am rolled out of bed. Pooped. Changed up into my running attire. Made some oatmeal in the microwave. Some brown sugar, maple syrup and milk to sweeten it up. I always make more than I think I am when I pour it in the bowl. Ate it all anyways. Kimber had a few speed bumps by forgetting to put on earrings (after we had already began our departure in the driveway) and had to pick up a coffee at Dunkin Donuts because she forgot to make coffee at home. I love her anyways :)

Arrived at the race venue (Market Basket dirt parking lot) at 8:05am. Strolled over to the Fast Friends building across the street. First person I saw was Hammet. Threw on the full tights and warmed up at 8:20ish with some other guys. Kimber (being the best girlfriend) picked up my number while I warmed up. 3 miles (22:54). The first 1.5 miles of the race course and back. Back to use the port-o-johns. No lines. Switched into racing gear. Chilly out so I decided on calf sleeves (still feeling the mile repeats from Wednesday), arm warmers (new Smartwool arm warmers), half tights, and thin gloves. Ready to roll. Strides and stretching before a 9:15am start. Relaxed start with a ready, set, go by Andy McCarron.

Bulleted to the front and through the first mile sub 5 (flat). 1/2 mile up roughly and 1/2 mile down on Ash Hill Road (10:08). Kept cruising with no challenge from others through 3 miles (15:15). Matthews Road past Pete Thomas's house and Yale 5. 4 miles (20:20). Pushed the last 1/2 mile through the neighborhood and back to Fast Friends parking lot in 22:50 for the win. Perfect dressed and the arm warmers worked like a charm. 5 mile total cooldown between jogging back to see Kimber finish in 34:56 and through Yale Forest with a bunch of the guys (37:47). New trails that were friggin sweet. 13 miles total (mapped out course later and it ended up being 4.57ish, which puts me at sub 5s per mile). Back to receive a prize of a 1/2 gallon of pure New Hampshire maple syrup. Yesss! I was running out. Chilled for bit post ceremony. Saw Tim selling t-shirts. Bought a "Will Run For Beer" t-shirt.

Out to lunch with Kimber at Elm City Brewery at 11:30ish. We were there before it opened so we stopped in at the Toadstool Bookstore to kill some time. We split at the entrance to look at different sections. I was too hungry to look at any books so I retreated back to Kimber. Walked up to her and started telling a story. She looked up at me. Not Kimber. Oops! Pretty embarrassing, but shrugged it off. Walked over to the Brewery and was immediately seated. Salsa and chips for an appetizer. Kimber and I both were craving burgers. I went big with a peachy BBQ and bacon cheeseburger. Medium Rare. Steak fries. Devoured it. Peachy Keene beer for a beverage. Mmm. Talked for  a while on our little date.

TJ Maxx and picked up a golf polo/Puma socks. Stopped off at Andy's for food (Homemade chili by Jen Hammet and homemade Buckeyes by Mary), brewskis, good company, some ridiculous laughs, and live music (amateur hour is always super entertaining). Hung out for a few hours. Back to Jaffrey for serious relaxation before the bars in Keene. McCues in Keene. Watched old people dance. A few Budlights. Ramunto's for a slice of pepperoni pizza. Crashed on the futon at Fowler. Bed by 12am. Run in the morning with the Keene State runners.

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