New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday The 13th

April 13th: 5am wakeup. Bowl of Go Lean Crisp. Multivitamin with the remaining milk. Packed my lunch. Super easy this morning because I just had to throw eveything into my lunchbox. Tossed in what was left of my Lindt chocolate bunny. Left the house before 5:35am. Work by 5:50am. Started making the checklists for the 3 tool turn-on's Alyssa and I had today. Work 6-2:30pm. Unfortunately, we were short-handed for various reasons today so one of our co-workers covered our tools so we could stay on the subfab floor. Easy day and nothing crazy happened today. Some good conversation with the contractors.

Home by 3pm. Took a short nap before being woken up by Kimber's phone call :) Goupil home by 4:30pm. Run with Derrick at 4:45pm. Today we were picked up right at our apartment instead of picking him up a mile down the road. Normal loop. Added on another 2+ miles after Goupil just headed right back. 10 miles (70:24) on the day.

Saw Neil (next door neighbor that runs) and chatted with him for a bit. Inside to foam roll, stretched, iced up the calves (mostly precautionary), protein shake and talk with my dad about my tax return. Sat on the couch and started watching Wanted. Eventually made dinner. Grilled cheese and a bowl of cereal. Bed whenever.

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