New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 23, 2012

Recovery Day

April 22nd: 7:15 wakeup on a couch. Thirsty and ready to go back to Clifton Park. Goupil and I had to walk back to our car that was parked in downtown Saratoga. Brisk out. Made it back to the apartment by 8am. Immediately parked ourselves on the couch. Cooked up some oatmeal. Planned on napping, but instead watcthed Stomp The Yard and and The Day The Earth Stood Still (I didn't remember all of them so I researched tv listings from yesterday to be 100% accurate). This took us to noonish. Checked the weather and saw rain at 2pm. Changed up for a run.

Out the door around 12:30pm. 14 miles (1:33:30). Felt good and made up the loop as I ran. I had to stop at 18 minutes by a swampy marsh area to do my busines. Almost didn't make it. A plus was the soggy old grass made for some prime toilet paper. Back to stretch and jump in the shower to wash off any residue from my bathroom break. Goupil had received a call about a 2 bedroom in our complex. We checked it out after my run at 3pm. Sweet place. Recently redone kitchen and 1.5 baths. Heat included. Not a far move either. Goupil mentioned he needed to hit up the grocery store.

We plopped ourselves on the couch after checking out the apartment. Nap for 2 hours instead. No grocery store and another movie (Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanomo Bay) that we dozed in and out of during the nap.

Wakeup at 5:45ish to finish the movie and watch another one (Year One) at 6pm. Sweet potato quesidilla for dinner with mango salsa was prepared during this movie. Once this was over, The Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer was on at 8pm. Watched that until 10pm. Bed soon after.

Very productive day with movie watching and finishing off at 76 mile week with a big workout and a road 5k PR. Monday is back to work. Eww.

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