New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spice Up Your Life

April 28th: 7am wakeup. Fell back asleep until 8ish. I was gonna go for a morning run, but laid in bed with Kimber because I don't get to sleep in very often. "Made" breakfast with Kimber. Bowl of Frosted Flakes with strawberries and bananas on the side with a tall glass of OJ. Kimber went with a slightly healthier choice by having Wheaties with bananas and strawberries on top with a watered down glass of OJ. Goupil shot me a call to let me know the complex wanted to show our apartment at some point during the day. We cleaned up and made the apartment look as if one person was living there. The biggest thing was folding up the futon and removing my toothbrush/toothpaste from the bathroom.

Out the door at 1:30pm to hit up TJ Maxx/Homegoods combo for some shopping. Goupil called me about 10 minutes later that they were showing the apartment in 5 minutes. In the clear. Perfect timing. Found a t-shirt. Bought a couple snack items. Organic sour worms with vitamin C. Dried Fuji apple chips with caramel flavor. Devoured both packages down before stopping off at Da Choppa for a few things. Back to the house to relax for a bit in front of the tv. Kimber made herself a half of a "grilled" cheese in the toaster oven. More like warmed bread with partially melted cheese. I ate my classic Ritz crackers and nutella.

Out the door for a run at 5:30pm. 9.2 miles (75:57) with Kimber. Popped inside to poop real quick. Back outside for a couple loops around the complex by myself. I thought it was 1 mile around. It ended up being a 1.1 mile loop. First loop in 6:09 and the second loop in 5:42. 11:51 for a pace of 5:23. Basically ran it for S's and G's.

Inside to stretch and shower up before courting Kimber out to dinner at Ravenwood's at 8pm. 5 pink lemonades later and some super spicy chicken and rice special, we retreated back to the apartment to crash for the night.

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