New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Workout At Chen High School

April 18th: 4:45am wakeup. Goupil let me know at 4:55am that Renee's kid is throwing up so she won't be running with us. I asked Goupil if he was running. A definite no. I had to poop so I got up to use the bathroom. I slept in my running shorts and I was already up. Threw on some layers. Hat and gloves. Out the door at 5:10am for a 3 mile shakeout. No time mostly because I forgot to wear my watch. Back to stretch and shower. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Goupil up soon after. Made my lunch. Basically tossed my tupperware of chicken, salad, and tomato (all separate) into my lunchbox. Off to work at 6:35ish. Goupil drove me to work due to a lack of transportation.

Work 7am-3:30am. Work was different due to a PCW (processed chilled water) piping from a tool in the fab bursting and pouring hundreds of gallons of liquid through the ceiling into the subfab. It began to rain down in the subfab from a couple different sections. Our supervisor had the Colden Safety Team head up to the Fab to help/direct with the cleanup. It was a bit of a confusion/complications, but eventually we obtained multiple wet vacs to suck up the water underneath the raised metal floors. 3+ hours of cleanup in the cleanroom suits. I was sweating like a pig. Lunch at 1:30pm. Super late in the day, but there was free pizza along with my salad with chicken. Stuffed my face. I got the call from the mechanic and the damage was a bit overwhelming. A couple things needed to be done (not all essential to have me drive the car carefree). I called my dad to review with him and he thought to just fix the power steering. It was the most crucial. Called back Renaldo and he said he would take care of it. Good guy and super nice.

Back to the apartment by 4pm. Relaxed. Got ready for the big workout at 5pm at Chen High School with Goupil and Derrick. Goupil had a different workout for himself because he's working on his speed while I am working on more endurance workouts. Some Ritz crackers and Nutella, a chocolate agave fuel packet and off to the track.

No rush to warmup. 3+ mile warmup (23:04). On to the track. Lacrosse practice was in session, but it wasn't going to interfere with us. Switched into flats. Shorts and a t-shirt. Beautiful out. Perfect weather. Some strides. Body feeling good.

Planned workout was 4x200 (200 rest) 3x400 (200 rest) 1x800 (400 rest) 1x1600 (800 rest) 1x800 (400 rest) 3x400 (200 rest) 4x200 (200 rest) 11,600 (7.25 miles) meters total for the workout. 34, 35, 34, 33, 70, 70, 69, 2:24, 4:51, 2:21, 68, 67, 66, 33, 31, 30, 30. Almost all the rest kept at 7:00 pace or under except for the 200s. Felt amazing. Very smooth and ran extremely even for the intervals. Total time 40:38. 5:36 pace. 3+ mile cooldown (24:03). Derrick was a riot the whole time. Always entertaining when you're around him. Always something unexpected. 16++ miles on the day total. Next goal race is the Rotary 12k in Bedford, NH.

Back to the apartment by 7:30pm. Stretch, foam roll, protein shake, and a quick shower. Whipped up a tortilla hamburger with cheese and tomato. Ate it right before 9pm. Bed before 10pm. Full day, but very productive. Gonna sleep well.

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