New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Much Needed Easy Pace

April 5th: 5:00am wakeup. Out of bed immediately. Didn't bring the iPad into the bathroom because I tend to sit on the toilet too long if I do. Got dressed right away. Made my lunch. Breakfast before 5:20am. Out the door at 5:35. Work at 5:50. A couple tool sign offs throughout the day. Out of work at 2:30pm. Home to relax. Washed some dishes. More surgery on the blisters. Foam rolled. Jumping jacks. Goupil home at 4:30pm.

Running at 5:15pm. 10 miles (73:56). Ran to the Kinns Road trails. Couple loops. Lots of dogs. Back the same way. Felt amazing to hit some soft terrain and keep it easy the whole way. Back to stretch, stick the hell out of my legs, and foam roll.

Threw my pork tenderloin pieces sprinkled with seasoning with a chopped up avocado and onion spread over em into the oven. Chyeah chyeah! FaceTimed with my dad and mom while I iced my legs. Dinner ready before the new Big Bang Theory. Awesome episode. Showered up and bed around 9:30pm.

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