New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Change of Pace

April 19th: 5:35am wakeup. Plan was to pick up the car today. Renaldo let me know it will be done at some point today. Bowl of Go Lean Crisp (cranberries and blueberries) with chopped up banana in it. Glass of orange juice with a multivitamin and a naproxen sodium (store brand Aleve). Work 7am-3:30pm. Honest day's work as always. We had an aisle way audit to check the aisle way congestion, overhead congestion, lift zones properly marked, valves are guarded, etc. Surprised my neck wasn't too sore by the end of the day. This took up most of the day. Spoke with my HAC (Hookup Area Coordinator) about upcoming tools and the proper procedure that goes along with it. Double decker PB&J for lunch. Stonyfield French vanilla yogurt with an assortment of snacks to eat with it. Nature Valley bar, banana, and mini Lindt chocolate chicks from the Easter basket. Grabbed a Oreo banana smoothie from the new cafeteria downstairs. Organized my paperwork for tools at the end of the day.

Goupil and I left to drive back down to the hood of Schenectady to pick up my ride. I made a call to make sure it was done. All set. Picked it up around 4:15pm. Lots of money forked over, but worth to be able to travel to work everyday. Power steering fixed so I am happy. It was the rack and pinion mechanism that was shot.

Back to the apartment by 4:50ish. No run with Derrick. No rushing out the door. Called Kimber to talk with her a bit about my day. Out for a run by 6pm. 10+ miles (74:29) through the Kinns Road trails. Relaxing run and legs were not too sore. More sore by the end of the run, but thought it would be worse.  Might get the 2 day soreness tomorrow. We will see tomorrow morning.

Foam roll, stretch, and a protein shake. Prepared my chicken for dinner. Showered. Out to cook up the chicken, pasta and veggies (yellow squash and onions). Dinner with an extra cold glass of chocolate milk (bought some special dark chocolate Hershey's chocolate syrup). I made it while my food was being cooked and placed it in the freezer to make it that extra cold. Mmm. No new Big Bang Theory until next week. My bluetooth keyboard for my iPad was shipped by UPS, but at 6:27pm. I was on a run and it required my signature. Damn. I will have to wait until tomorrow. Iced after dinner while watching TV. Bed by 10pm. Tomorrow is Friday! Woohoo!

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