New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Not Everyday Can Be A Career Day

April 4th: 5am wakeup. Stayed in bed. Finally got up. Breakfast late. Bowl of cereal. Packed the lunch. Scrambled to get ready. Left the parking lot at 5:45am. Work 6:05-2:50. Still got my 8+ hours in. Quick day. A tool walk down in the afternoon to break up the day. Home to relax for a while. Washed some dishes. Started to do some surgery on my pinky toe blisters. Both feet. Stopped at Target to pick up some things for em. Finished covering them up when I got back. Goupil not home until 5:10pm. Planned on going to Albany for the workout at 5:50pm.

Left to make it to the workout by 5:55pm. Passing showers on the drive there. We walked to the track and a heavy downpour with lots of wind came whipping through. Craziness. Took cover inside and it cleared up within 5 minutes. Warmed up 10 minutes. Some strides and got the workout going. Plan was 6-8 by 1000 with 200 rest. Started out 3:07, 3:07, 3:05, 3:06. These felt smooth. Wind tunnel on the backstretch, but not too much of a push for the times. Calves sore and tired though. 5th one didn't feel good. Went through in 75 and 2:32 so jogged to a 3:15 and called it a day. 2 mile cooldown (15:29). 7+ for the day. Not to exaggerate, but it was the 1st day since I have arrived in New York that I wasn't feeling it for the start. So I can tell I haven't recovered from Saturday's 4.5 miler. Easy next two days and an overall down week with Easter weekend being a traveling one.

IHOP with some teammates for dinner. Stuffed French toast, hash browns, 2 eggs over easy, and sausage links. Good, but not anything special. Fun time though. Home by 9:15pm. Shower and bed.

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