New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 9, 2012

Back To The Grind

April 9th: 4:45am. Snoozed. Super tired this morning. Tough to get out of bed. Out of bed at 5am. Bathroom. Breakfast was a bit iffy. Had some milk from last week. It was a little swirly, but I used it anyways for my cereal. Tasted fine. Showered because I hadn't shaved since Thursday. Packed the lunch and out the door at 5:40am. Work 6am-3:00pm. Easy day. Lots of layoffs from last week so kinda empty in the subfab. Rocked my contacts today so I didn't need to throw on the oversized safety glasses.

Stopped off at Target and grabbed some groceries. Home at 3:45pm to relax. Goupil home at 4:30pm. Showed him the new songs from the weekend. Mercy and Theraflu. Look em up. So boss! Club bangers! We were supposed to run Justin and Derrick. Both bailed. It's all good. Unpacked my weekend bag because we were in no rush to get out.

Out at 5:15ish. 9.5+ miles total (68:08). 9 plus some strides in the parking lot. Solid pace and we found a bathroom that will be open 3 of the seasons from 8am-9pm. Ca-ching! Back to stretch and lots of foam rolling since I've been without mine for 2 weeks. It felt good to be on it again. Iced and updated the blog from the weekend (I know, sorry for the delay). Big ole burger with cheese and green peppers mixed in it for dinner cooked in the George Foreman. Showered. Bed before 10pm.

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