New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 2, 2012

Long Run And Mini Blizzard

April 1st: 7:50 wakeup. Pounded some orange soda from the day before (Subway meal I split with Kimber). Pooped. Relaxed. Bagel Works at 9am with Kimber to split a plain bagel with cinnamon raisin walnut cream cheese. Sneaked in a coconut water with acai and pomegranate from the race. Drove to campus at 9:30ish to run with the Keene State guys at 10am.

Everyone showed up and we were out for Otterbrook 10 with a couple guys who hadn't run it before. Beautiful out and cruised up Beech Hill and to the dam. Stopped to take in the view and throw a few rocks in the water (threw my arm out with my one throw, but I made the water). Great to catch up with Ryan and others. Continued through the loop and added on Yale 5 with Goupil and Hoyt (high school and college teammate). 15 miles (1:43:23). Back to stretch, ice, shower, and hit up the DC (dining commons) with Kimber. Guest passes used by current students so free food. Bowl of Life cereal, bowl of yogurt, and a couple chocolate chocolate chip muffins. Back to Fowler to say my goodbyes and stopped off at Beeze Tees to check out Tim's new place for his screen printing business. Sweet deal. Chatted for a bit and back to Jaffrey around 3pm to nap before making the trek home to NY.

Left at 6pm to pick up Goupil in Keene and hit up Da Choppa for groceries. Picked up some things for lunch and dinner. Threw it in the cooler and filled up my tank with ease at the Sunoco in Keeene. 20 cents off. Ca-chang! Arrival time on the GPS was 9:40pm when we originally left. Added about 12 minutes to that once we hit the mountains along VT-9 and NY-7 for some serious white out conditions. With the high elevation gain, the rain turned to snow quickly. When Kimber had to stay at a hotel in Bennington during the dead of winter, I understand her a whole lot more now. Maybe 2-3 feet visibility. Maxed out at 30 mph and focused on the white line on the right side of the road to be able to follow the road.

Made it home safely. Downed two Vitamin waters on the ride home so I had to pee like a racehorse for the last 20 minutes of the ride back. Unpacked. Bed by 10:45pm. Guaranteed tough start to the work week with a 74 mile week and a 28 mile weekend. 2 mile at Umass Lowell this Sautrday. Plus staying at my sister's in Massachusetts/my aunt Kathy's house in CT for Easter.

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