New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, April 20, 2012

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

April 20th: 5am wakeup. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Packed the lunch. Leftovers from last night. Finished off the yogurt. Just brought the rest of the container. Banana and pear for fruit. Work 6am-2:30pm. Slow day so it dragged on a bit. A slow day is never bad in the world of safety. Felt good to finally be Friday and have nothing planned for the weekend.

Stopped off at TD Bank to deposit a check.Home to relax. Noticed my package was dropped off at the office. Napped in front of the TV for a while. Woke up at 4pm in a daze. Goupil home at 4:30pm with my new bluetooth keyboard for my iPad. Ca-ching! Baller! Played with my new toy until we had to go to a 5:30 appointment for an apartment. On the same road as the previous apartment, but much nicer. Cheap and a solid apartment.

Back to the apartment by 6pm. Out for a run before 7pm. Easy 9 miles (62:39). Felt good. Warm out and breezy. Not a cool breeze though, which was nice.

Back to foam roll and stretch. Made nachos with grilled onions, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, and mango salsa. A side of protein shake. Watched some TV and skyped with Kimber for a while. Bed by 11pm, but its Friday. No big deal.

Oh, and I updated this blog post with my new keyboard. Sweet! It's almost like having a computer.

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