New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, April 16, 2012

Delmar Dash Race Report

April 15th: 6am wakeup on the dot. Waited in bed until I really had to use the bathroom to empty myself out completely. Up to make a bowl of oatmeal and get changed up. Gathered everything up for the race. I was ready for pretty much any kind of weather. Out the door at 7:15am to travel to Delmar, NY. 30 minute drive with no problems. Front row parking.

Dropped our stuff off at the tent and picked up our numbers inside Bethlehem middle school. Snagged free race shirts with our connection. Back to the team tent to relax. Bathroom once again before warming up with some team members at 8:20ish. 2.5 miles (19:08) through the backfields and last mile of the course. Shedded a few layers and switched into racing gear. Warm out so I went with the shorts, singlet and calf sleeves. Mayflies for racers. A Powerbar gel for some energy. To the line for some strides at 8:50ish. Gun off just after 9am.

Off in a sprint as usual. Video is posted on youtube and pictures are below of some of the race. 4:55 first mile. Together with my teammate, Kevin Treadway, at 2 miles in 10:00. No course record today because it was too humid and not enough competition. Kevin started to fade right before 3. 15:06 for me and 15:09 for Kevin. 20:17 through 4 miles with no one in sight behind me. Poured water on my head at 4ish miles. Made sure it wasn't Gatorade. Pushed in for the win in 25:21 (results say that), but the video has 25:19-25:20. I don't really care. Cooldown of 3 miles (24:28). 10.5 of running on the day. Planned shakeout in the evening, but that changed.

To a teammate's house literally down the road for a couple hours. Food and a brewski. Left around 1:15pm to head back to Clifton Park for some pickup basketball with co-workers at 2pm. Dozed off in the car. Crushed some mini Cadbury eggs for some fuel once we were in the door and off for 3+ hours of basketball. Half court, full court, and 21. Jammed my thumb by not catching the first pass that was thrown to me. Ouchies! Other than that, tons of fun. Got my shot back a little bit by the end. Still terrible at the actual game of basketball. No shakeout necessary.

Back to the apartment to ice everything and eventually make a huge 4 egg omelette with onions and mushrooms. Melted cheddar cheese and ketchup. Watched some tv and bed at a decent hour. Gonna be sore for Monday.

67 miles for the week with a solid workout, a win in the Grand Prix series, and a cross training afternoon of basketball. Oh, and the trophy was baller!

The start of the race. Bat out of hell.
Middle. By myself.
Trophy. Aww Yeah!

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