New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day Full Of Cleaning

April 14th: 6:45am wakeup. Ah! It feels good to sleep in. 8+ hours of sleep. Rolled around in bed for 15 minutes or so. Transferred to the couch for an hour or so. Bowl of cereal for breakfast with a banana on the side at 8ish. Washed some dishes before heading out the Delmar for a course preview with a couple of guys on the team.

Met at 10am in the Bethlehem Middle School parking lot for the 5 mile course run through. Four of us ran the course. Back for strides and stretching. Course has some quick turns in the first 2 miles, then there are a couple nice long straightaways to allow to get moving. Course record is at 24:33 and that might get broken tomorrow either by teammate (Jeff Treadway) or myself. It's gonna be fun either way.

Back to the apartment to make monster omelettes. 4 egg omelette with onions, peppers and mushrooms chopped with the Slap Chop. Way easier. Way more fun. Scarfed it down with ketchup and cheddar cheese. Sat in front of the television for a bit before being ambitious and doing a serious laundry run to the laundromat. Goupil decided to participate for the first time since I've been here because he had a whole bunch of laundry. We made the trip around 1:15pm. I FaceTimed with Katie and Erin (out in California) and listened to music for the remainder of the time. I think I have the laundromat down to a science. It wasn't too busy either because of the beautiful weather today. Done by 2:45pm. 

Back to the apartment to put away all my clothes and watch television. Got hooked on Juwanna Mann the movie. Goupil decided on Chinese food for dinner. I went along for the ride to pick up a few things at Hannaford's (there is no nickname for this store). Broccoli and a balance bar. Back to work up an appetite by sitting back down on the couch. Eventually made pasta with broccoli (seasoned garlic salt) and chicken (seasoned with chicken rub and Italian dressing) topped with shredded cheddar cheese. Mmm! Bed early for the Delmar Dash 5 miler tomorrow morning.

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