New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Hood Of Schenectady

April 17th: 5am wakeup. Tough to get out of bed this morning. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. PB&J sandwich for lunch. Right before I was leaving, I put my contacts in. One got lodged In the back of my eye socket. It's happened before, but never an easy task to remove. 5 minutes late to work, but no biggie. Work 6am-2:45pm. Unfortunately, I was dropping my car off at the auto shop and my ride back to my apartment was still working. It was all good.

Left work at 3:30pm and brought my car to Schenectady. It was an eye opener. I drove down State Street and it progressively got worse as I got closer to the auto shop. Though, it actually went smoother than I thought. Talked with the guy and I explained to him my problems. I was able to show him the line of power steering fluid leaking from my car since I turned left into the parking lot (that's when my car leaks). Handed over the keys and left my contact info. Out of there by 4:40pm and to the apartment by 5ish to run at 5:15 with Goupil and Derrick.

Easy run. 9 miles (62:13). Solid clip. Cruised the last couple miles. Windy and some hilarious conversation with Derrick. As always. Big day tomorrow so kept it shorter today. Back to foam roll and ice. Made a big salad with chicken, tomato, red pepper, carrot, cheddar cheese, and grilled onions. Thousand islands and ranch dressing. Mmm. Split it into two to have a portion for lunch tomorrow. Showered right before dinner and Big Bang Theory post dinner. Chilled. Bed early for a 5am run with Goupil and Renee (Goupil's mom friend).

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  1. My buddy has a t-shirt: "Schenectady is for hustlers". That about sums it up.