New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, September 24, 2012


September 22nd: 10am wakeup. Ahh, sleeping in feels wonderful. A bowl of yogurt with chopped up bananas for breakfast. Goupil headed out to NH right before I headed out for a easy 6 miles (44:46) at 11:15am. I had bold intentions of completing a bunch of things between runs, but decided against it. Bowl of Kashi Go Lean (mix of toasted berry crumble and cinnamon crumble). FaceTimed with my sister Sarah for a while. She wasn't too thrilled to watch me eat cereal (I'll agree, I like to eat cereal by myself with no one around). Caught up with our lives and our upcoming races.

Attacked the mountain of recyclables in the kitchen and swung by the transfer station to do my good deed for the day. I think of it as karma. I hate throwing away items that could be recycled. I decided to hang out at the library for a few hours to update my blog as well as update my resume for the future. You never know.

Left to head home by 5ish and get ready for a 2nd run. Before that, I cleaned out my car and organized my gas station receipts (I pretty much keep most of them to track prices). Changed up for my run and thought the shorts/t-shirt combo would be efficient. Within 10 minutes, it was pouring buckets of rain on me. 4+ miles (30:59). Short river run the last stretch of pavement through the complex. Puddle stomping through everything. It reminded me of the snapping turtle Goupil and I found earlier in the week. We tried to help it out of the road, but it had too much tude (slang for attitude). Didn't want to be helped so we left it. It was a small snapper. I didn't want to lose any fingers.

Back to the apartment to jump into a hot shower (two extra long hot showers today because it was just one of those days). Some how there was still a dry spot on the back of my shirt. Foam rolled and starting making dinner. Pork chops cut in half with thinly sliced apples in between them. Closed em up and cut up an onion to scatter all over them. Salt, pepper, olive oil, and maple syrup. Baked at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes. Cooked some brown rice. Facetimed with my dad while I chowed down.

Some television watching. Bed by 10:30ish.

10+ miles on the day. 14k tomorrow morning up in Utica, NY. I heard it is a beautiful course. Cool weather.

Sarah's laundry detergent


Gourmet Dinner

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