New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Been A While

September 25th: 6am wakeup. Tough to get out of bed. Finally emerged from the covers at 6:15. Ran with Goupil for a 3 mile shakeout (23:42). Bundled up with all the winter gear. Back to eat some cereal and a protein shake. Work 8am-4:30pm. Burrito mix, strawberry banana Chobani, and a Red Bull to get amped for post lunch.

Home by 5pm. I was hungry so I made a simple, but amazing combination. Stonyfield French vanilla yogurt and almonds. The best part was I Slapchopped the shiznit out of the almond to make them into dust practically. Mmmm. Chilled in front of the TV for a while. Goupil and I weren't moving much and were on the same page.

Out for a run by 6:45pm. 7+ miles (48:49). Smooth run. Darker earlier every day. Chicken, pasta, avocado, mozzarella cheese with ranch dressing for dinner with a protein shake. Finished most of it and kept a little for a snack at lunch tomorrow.

Bed by 10:30pm.

10 miles on the day. It has been a while that Goupil and I ran together both morning and afternoon runs on a weekday. Same time, same distance.

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