New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pisgah 23K + Hammett's

September 16th: 6:30am wakeup. Bowl of oatmeal with sugar and maple syrup for breakfast. To my surprise, Kimber was already awake before me. Headed over to Chesterfield for the Pisgah 23K/50K. Stopped at Shaw's for Gatorade. Arrived by 8am. Race was set to go off at 8:45am. Registered in the school and met up with some buddies (Ferenc, Hammett, Boj, and Hammett's brothers/dad). Warmed up short of 2 miles (13:06) on my own. Used the bathroom in the woods.

Some strides at the line and off down the pavement hill for the start of the race. The original plan for the day was tempo 20 at 6 minute pace. This was the modified day with the race and hang with Hammett on his home turf. We cruised the first half. In the first 200 meters, Hammett joked that the race went straight and he was turning right to go the bathroom. I listened and went straight. The race went right. There were like 10 big white arrows on the ground pointing to the right. I wasn't paying attention. Hammett felt bad, but it was all good. Reached the top of the ridge (about half way) and Hammett was leading. He hit the steep downhill hard and I couldn't match it. Ended up taking a digger around 55 minutes and "trotted" it in for 1:34:06. Happy with the effort, but I would of liked to stick with Hammett longer. Next year I will be ready for the 23K.

2 mile cooldown (16+). Chilled and back to Hammett's to grill some dogs and eat homemade white chili. I combined the two for chili dogs and some crushed red peppers. It always the best to hang out with everyone (Ferenc, Hammett, Jen, Fyffe, Boj and other runner friends). Always a good time.

Headed out there back to Peterborough around 4:30ish. Shakeout 2.75 miles (23:43) with Kimber at 6pm. Turkey burger after and made the trip back to NY at 7:30pm.

21 miles on the day. Solid trail race in some tough terrain and a great day all around. 101 miles for the week and my first 100 mile week of my career. Sweetness.

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