New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, September 17, 2012

Chick Flick and a Wedding

September 15th: 8am wakeup. Laid in bed for a while. Kimber made a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Started flipping through the channels. I found How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days. I hadn't seen it so I was immediately sucked into the movie. Watched that until about 12ish.

Changed up for a run. Just shy of 9 miles (62:38). Found a bike path that was very scenic and closed off from the main roads. Hit up a few side trails. Jumped over a small snake along the sidewalk. Definitely nice to be in New Hampshire running.

Back to the apartment by 1:50pm. Jumped in the shower. Downstairs to eat a bowl of cereal. I didn't really eat anything in the morning. Off to the wedding by 2:30pm. Stopped off at Ocean State Job Lot for a $5 black dress belt because I forgot mine.

The remainder of the day/evening was the wedding. Gorgeous wedding at Cobb Hill Estates. Ridiculous view. Relaxed setting with bomb food. Scallops wrapped in bacon, fruit, chicken/beef on a stick, salad, roasted potatoes and more. Cupcakes and apple pie for dessert. Home by 9pm to chill and head to bed.

Easy 9 miles on the day. Big day tomorrow to finish off the week.

Awesome views!

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