New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dunkin 5k + Home

September 9th: 5:20am wakeup. Finished packing up my bag for the 36 hour stay at home. Toasted up a half a bagel to keep it light for the race. Goupil and I headed down there in separate cars because I was leaving immediately after the awards to travel home. Arrived at the race venue (the Albany Jewish Community Center) around 6:35am. Picked up the number. Removed a layer or two for the warmup because I bundled up in a short sleeve, long sleeve, and pullover due to the chilly weather in the morning.

3 mile warmup (20 + strides) at 7:50am. Goupil and I helped a guy find the starting line. He was foreign (possibly Kenyan) and we were afraid we just gave directions to the future winner. Back to the tent to change up the shoes and toss the jersey on. No bathroom break needed. A couple swigs of Gatorade and off to the starting line. Conversed with some runner friends from Willow Street and checked out the competition. Saw a guy with a Liberty jersey on and knew he was legit. 8:30am start and the cool weather was still present. A definite plus.

Sprinted out well and settled in the first 100 meters with a group. Let others take the lead and closely followed. Within the first 1/2 mile, I was already 5 meters back off the two lead runners. So I surged to latch on directly behind them. Cruised the 1st mile in 4:54 (Goupil said it was a few seconds off, still sub 5). 2 miles with about 6-8 guys in a group in 9:46 (not sure if it was right or not, but we were rolling either way. A quick bus turn around to break up the momemtum and run the final mile stretch back to the finish line. Surges left and right left me a few meters off the leader, but still in the top pack. Made one last effort, but didn't have the next gear. Finished 4th in 15:13. $150 bucks for 4th. 6 mile (42:13) cooldown with a variety of people including Jodie Robertson (2:42 2012 Olympic Marathon Trial Qualifier that runs for ARE currently). Exited the parking lot of the community center and on the road by 10:30am. A bagel for recovery and a frozen protein shake that melted on the way due to the blasting heat it was resting on.

Made it Newtown (Connecticut) by 12:45pm. Ate a bowl of Go Lean and drank a glass of OJ/Pineapple. Relaxed before heading out for a shakeout run. 8+ miles (57:18) with a sub 6:30 last mile to finish it off. 20 miles on the day. Boom.

Took an outdoor shower and the rest of the day was spent with my family (sisters from California, sister from Massachusetts, future in-laws from California, and others). Bridal shower appearance to see my sisters and all her friends. Back to the house for surf and turf. Amazing time to see everyone. Unfortunately, Kimber had to drive home to New Hampshire before the night was over.

Bed by 11pm.

20 miles on the day. 86 miles on the week with a shorter workout, a bunch of doubles, and a quality 5k. Happy with week of mileage since it was a scheduled 90 and I hit 86 (sick the first few days). The 5k was a solid effort and I hung with the eventually winner (Liberty guy, Josh Edmonds, 14:12 track 5k from senior year 2011) for 2+ miles. Compared to the Alumni Race, I was much more aggressive and stayed tough. A couple more high weeks before tapering down for the big day in Hartford, October 13th.

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