New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day Off

September 2nd: Woke up a bunch of times in the middle of the night into the morning. Kimber and I were sharing a single aerobed in the living room. Not exactly the best sleeping situation when you like to sprawl out and hog the covers (me). Kimber eventually moved to the couch. I woke up and walked Tucker (the dog) at around 8ish. I was freezing all night. I thought a sheet was efficient, but its September now and the windows were open. I should of known better living in the woods last summer.

Egg quiche casserole thing with white bread, onions, bacon and cheese. So bomb. I had a piece and finished off both of my sister's pieces. Cleaned up and relaxed before heading to Portland for some shopping.

Window shopping, chocolates, lunch, ice cream, and staying dry the first 30 minutes from the rain. Turned out to be a beautiful day. Stopped in a popcorn placed and picked up some salt & vinegar popcorn. Chyeah buddy!

Back to the house for some cornhole (the new boards needed to be broken in) to work up an appetite. Pizza downtown at Bill's and Rocco's (competing restaurants that serve single slices). I went with onion, mushroom and sausage. Salt and vinegar fries from Pier Fries. Back to the house for 6 layer raspberry cream cheese almond cake Sarah made. Friggin ridiculously good. Finished off Erin's piece.

Cranium until 1am. Bed with a scratchy throat. That's what I get for eating all that food (and sleeping in the cold the night after a race).

0 miles on the day. Scheduled day off in the middle of the marathon training. 6 weeks until the big day.

One of the things we witnessed while in Portland. Some unique characters.

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