New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Apple Cider Vinegar Never Tasted So Good

September 3rd: 7:30am wakeup. Throat still scratchy. Gargled with some mouthwash to kill some of the germs and numb the soreness. Easy 3 mile run (22:35). Lightheaded and sorta out of it for the run. Omelettes for breakfast. A piece of cake for dessert at 10am.

Packed up and cleaned the house before making it down South to Kittery. I wasn't feeling very well so I sleeping on the way down. Stopped off at Stonewall Kitchen for snacks. The food helped with the sore throat, but I knew it wasn't a good sign for the next couple days.

The Flying Pig Bakery for some homemade breads. I was treated to a loaf of maple walnut banana bread. Kimber and I headed out after this to make it back to NH at a decent time to run and carpool back to NY with Goupil.

I drove back. Smooth ride. Kimber slept some of the ride. Made it to Keene by 430ish. Stopped at Fowler for a bathroom break. My plan was to run from the gym and get in 10 miles. I ran from "the gym" and only made it 7 miles (49:12). Kimber dropped me off and I saw the gym was open until 11pm. The only catch is that you need to scan your ID at the entrance to gain access. I changed up in the Student Center bathroom and dropped off my casual clothes and shoes behind a dumpster in the outdoor recycling center. Wasn't feeling the run and any type of workout after the first 2 miles and ran Beech Hill 7.

Back to the gym to stretch and meet Kimber. She picked me up some dinner at the grocery store. Some pasta salad she made herself at the salad bar. Pretty dang good. Goupil and I made the trip home to Clifton Park. It was a breeze and we caught up on the last 2 days of not seeing each other.

Home by 9pm and bed soon after.

10 miles on the day. I need to take it easy and recover from being under the weather. Sleep in tomorrow and a single run.

Oh, and it was my wonderful sister Erin's birthday yesterday. September 2nd. She turned the big 30. It was an awesome weekend up in Old Orchard Beach with everyone. Aside from catching a bit of a cold, I enjoyed every minute of it and always love spending time with my family :)

And this a picture of me sleeping in the car that Kimber took with my phone. And my arms are inside my shirt because I was chilly. It's comfortable and you can't bash it.

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