New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alumni 5K + Maine

September 1st: 7:30am wakeup. Dunkin Donuts with Goupil for a plain bagel toasted with butter. Back to the lake house to get ready and drive over to the Athletic Complex by 9:15am.

Relaxed in the parking lot to greet teams, alumni, friends, and families. Warmup at 10:50am. 3 miles (20 + strides). Sun was shining and not too much cloud coverage. Switched into my flats (Lunarspeed Lites). Over to the start line for strides and a huddle with the alumni. Sported the new haircut and I was turning heads. Three years in a row for ridiculous haircuits to shed some of the serious off of the race. 10 teams this year (outside of Alum and current guys) to make a much bigger race.

Race went off at 11:30am. First mile 5:08ish I believe. Let some guys get in front of me. Started "jogging" from mile 1ish to mile 1.5 or so. 2 miles: 10:26. At this point, a Keene freshman tried passing me that brought me out of my own zone. I cruised the railroad bed and caught up with 10-15 meters of Hammet and Hoyt. With a mile to go, I started to push and passed Hoyt through the soccer field loop. Passed Hammet soon after. I was hoping he would go with me to bring it in with me (with those 1:59 legs), but he was didn't have that extra gear. Solid finish to cross the line in 16:09. 2nd alumni and 4 alumni in before the first Keene Stater. Boom! Destroyed. MIT put two in front of Ferenc (1st alumni) in the last 400 meters, but its all good. He isn't training for a cross country 5k. He is in a big boy race (Mountain Marathon in Europe through the Alps).

Yale 7 for a cooldown with a bunch of the guys. 6 miles. 12 on the day.

Back to the Lake House to cut the rest of my hair. Shower and head over to Coach Pete's house for a BBQ. Lots of food and laughs. Always a fun time when you have a bunch of runners (especially Keene Alumni and honary Alum) in one spot.

Left around 3:45pm from Pete's to drive up to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. Smooth ride and surprised my sister, Erin, and her fiancé, Dominic, with my appearance.

Chilled the rest of the night. Lobster dinner. I ate chicken. I did try steamers, which were pretty good. Kinda tasted like beach/sand, but covered in melted butter. You can't complain.

Dance party with my sisters and some Woodchuck ciders. Bed by 12:30am.

12 miles on the day with a content race performance. I was shooting for sub 16, but I feel asleep the 2nd mile. Another 5k next week in Albany. Money prizes.

My sister, Sarah, and her fiancé's dog, Tucker. Adorable.

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