New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, September 24, 2012

Falling Leave 14K + Throwin Hunnits (Hundreds)

September 23rd: 5:20am wakeup. Not sure why I was awake, then I remembered. Made some oatmeal for breakfast (with maple syrup, of course). Changed up and packed up the warm layers for the day. Stopped to grab gas before scooting down to UAlbany for the carpool over to Utica.

Smooth ride with a stop for the bathroom and the ATM at the rest area. Made it to the race venue (the beautiful empty town of Utica) by 8am. Popped into the hotel to register for the race. Out for an easy 2 mile warmup (13+strides). Race to go off at 8:50am.

Uphill start. Out strong without any issues. Switched with the defending champ, Sam Morse, for the first 2 miles. He surged ahead once we hit the gravel/pavement golf path. We hit these wicked sweet switchbacks up to the top of the golf course. He was motoring up them and I was holding my own. The last 4 miles was pretty much all downhill. I think we were matching each other on pace and he was hitting them hard. I maintained 2nd without a challenge in 45:55. 5:17 pace. I was happy. Unfortunately, I finished among the 5k finishers that started at 9am so the announcer didn't know I finished. He thought the Chuck Terry that placed 3rd was 2nd. It was kind of a weird finish line, but no worries. 4 mile cooldown (32+) with Marcus (teammate). 10 points for the Grand Prix and I maintain the lead for the Series. Sweetness.

Quick awards ceremony after for a free pint glass and a $75 gift card to the "Sneaker Store." Local store in Utica. I have to make the long drive another weekend. Store didn't open until 12pm. A few Chobani's during the awards and grabbed a few for the work week.

Stopped off at a teammate's parent's house for brunch. We picked up stuff at Hannaford's. We made blueberry pancakes, egg, bacon, and English muffins. To my surprise, I did not have much of an appetite. Once we departed from Utica, it felt like a small little demon was clawing at my stomach and lower back. Strange and I did not like it at any point.

Made it Clifton Park by 3pm to just sit on the couch and recover. A banana, a few swings of orange juice, a tortilla, and some potato chips. Headed out for a shakeout at 6:30pm. 6 miles (43:27). Stopped at about 12 minutes to relieve myself. Wow, I felt amazing. Good to go.

Home to foam roll, stretch, shower, and wash some major dishes. Made a big batch of burrito mix (brown rice, beans, tomatoes, green peppers, avocados, homegrown onions from my parent's garden). Tossed a few scoops on some tortillas with shredded mozzarella cheese and salsa. Mmmm. So good.

Watched Karate Kid that was television. Bed by 11pm.

21 miles on the day. 102 miles (now the highest in my life) on the week. 2nd 100+ mile week in a row. That's what a real man does when he hits his 1st 100 mile week, kills another one the following week. Ca-chang! 3 weeks until the marathon. Taper mode slowly, but surely.

Rack City. Rack Rack City.

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