New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, September 27, 2012

3xmile (Fast)

September 26th: 5:40am wakeup. Put on some music to keep me awake instead of snoozing for another 15 minutes. Out the door for a 5 miler (36:08). Back to foam roll and make a couple eggs overeasy. Grabbed a few Pyrex containers for lunch plus a Chobani. Work 8am-4:30pm. Busy day at work. So busy that I ate lunch at my desk. I have never done that, but it was necessary.

Home by 4:45pm. Called Collision Experts and scheduled an appointment to fix up my car (unforunately they were booked for a week+). Changed up and headed down to UAlbany for the workout.

5:50pm arrival. 3 mile warmup (20:32 + strides). The goal was 3xmile quick. 800 rest. 4.5 miles total on the track. 4:50 and drop it down for the miles. Smoothness. 4:50 (3:37 rest), 4:46 (3:37 rest), 4:44 (3:42 rest). 25:18 total time. 5:37 pace. 3.5 mile cooldown (25:23). 11 miles in the afternoon.

We went somewhere new for dinner this night. We decided on pizza. Nick Webster joined us for the first time (he usually runs home to his mom for home cooking). We got 2 pies. Chicken parm and pepperoni. 5 garlic knots for $1.59. Goupil and I couldn't pass up the offer. We each ordered some. Garlic knots and three slices of pizza. Mmmm. Doctor Pepper to wash it all down. Always an entertaining time hanging out with Coach Dick and teammates.

Home by 9:30pm. Shower and bed by 10:30pm.

16 miles on the day. The workout was to simulate those random fast miles that might happen in the middle of the marathon. Train the body to be ready for anything.

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