New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, September 17, 2012


September 11th: 5:45am wakeup. Out for 4 miles (29:04). Chilly in the morning. Ripped through the closet to grab a pullover, a winter cap and gloves. Warmed up by the end. Bagel for breakfast. Work from 7:30am-4pm. Sausage and peppers for lunch.

Back to the apartment by 4:30pm to relax for a while. Out for the 2nd run at 7ish. The goal was a 9+ mile loop with the first mile+ being a warmup and for the next 7 miles to be a minute on, minute off. I rocked my Nike Lunarspeed Lites. Cruised through the 1st mile in 6:35. The next 7 miles (39:45) felt super smooth and relaxed. I was averaging 5:40s for the tempo section between on/off. Cruised the last mile+ to finish up the run. Total time for the 9.3 miles was 54:11.

Back to stretch and foam roll. Not much of an appetite so I went light with a protein shake and a bowl of strawberries/raspberries. Hit up Target to purchase an iron, Clif bars, salsa, ranch dressing, toothpast, and deodorant (you know, all the essentials). Ironed my shirt before bed for my professional pictures for my company's website.

Bed by 11pm. 13+ miles on the day. Happy with the amount of chillness in the 2nd run. Disclaimer: I am running in Clifton Park, NY where it is flat and roads. So it is easy to cruise through some of the runs.

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