New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pile It On

August 1st: 5:55am wakeup. Out the door (with Goupil) for a easy 3+ miles (24:06). Back to stretch, foam roll, and eat some Honey Nut Cherrios for breakfast. Started cooking some mushrooms/onions and boiling up egg noodles while I showered. Gathered up my belongings and enjoyed work from 7:30am-4pm. Work is going well and more/different responsibilites are being assigned to Colden by Globalfoundries. It's a good thing. More job security. Lunch was delicious, even for being so simple. Carbed up for the afternoon workout for some serious mileage.

Home by 4:30pm. Changed into running shorts immediately to get my mind focused on the important part of the day. Washed all the dishes before the workout to clear the head and to not have to worry about them at a later time. Collected all my things for the workout (flats, extra clothes, the Stick, Gatorade, etc). Out the door by 5:20ish to travel down to UAlbany.

Warmed up 3 miles (20:00 + strides). Switched into my flats and did away with my shirt. Decided on the Zensah calf sleeves to ease the calf pain that will be occurring towards the end of the intervals. Workout consisted off the following (everything at half marathon pace 5:10-5:15): 2 mile (800 rest), 6x800 (400 rest), and 6x400 (200 rest). Total mileage: 9.25 miles.

10:28 (5:16, 5:12), 2:38, 2:37, 2:36, 2:35, 2:34, 2:30 (a little antsy for the 400s). 75, 74, 75, 74, 73, 74. Clockwork. All rest keep between 7:00-7:20 pace. Overall time: 53:44. 5:48 pace. Just short of 3 mile cooldown  (20:42). 15 for the afternoon and a solid 18 on the day.

Threw on some shorts and a dry t-shirt. Swung by DiBella's in Albany with the team. Spicy ham sub with lettuce, tomato, onion, banana peppers, oil/vinegar, and mayo. Mmmm. Ate half of it. Powerade and a chocolate chip cookie. Stopped off at TCBY right after for some frozen yogurt. Restricted myself to less than 5 dollars.

Home to shower, pound some more Gatorade and be in bed by 9:45pm.

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