New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Face Your Fears

August 22nd: 5:50am wakeup. 3 mile shakeout (23:03) to start the day off right. Back to the apartment to stretch, foam roll and toast a bagel full of blueberries before hopping in the shower. Rice and beans (second helping of them in two small Pyrex dishes) for lunch already made. Work 7:30-4pm. Normal day.

I told myself to make the bold decision to conquer my fear of taking exit 9E (the off ramp where disaster struck) and swinging by Target. Drove it like a champ and no relapse/blackout of the horrible accident that took place only 2 days prior. Grabbed some contact solution, Clif Bars (white chocolate macadamia nut), Carmex, a hammer and a few (mad on sale) v-neck tees. I ran out of solution. Clif bars because I needed a change from Nature Valley bars. Carmex because I have been using petroleum jelly (not as good). A hammer to attempt to reposition my radiator of my car. V-necks because they were $2.98 and I pull them off like a pro.

Back to the apartment to wash some dishes to clear the mind and return from the workout with less to do (aka I never do for the rest of the night after the workout). Changed up and gathered the essentials.

Down to UAlbany a little late, but it's not like we are in any rush. Goupil got late from work and he was dilly dallying at the apartment. 3 mile warmup (20+ strides) with a couple teammates. Planned workout was 6x1200 (HMP) and 6x400 (65-70). 400 rest for everything.

3:55, 3:53, 3:50, 3:48, 3:47, 3:45. Had some difficulty finding half marathon pace (HMP), but eventually got in cruise mode to finish up quick (similar to last week). 69, 69, 68, 67, 67, 65. Felt good to get after it and run hard at the end of a workout. 3 mile cooldown (21).

Smart move to just head home to Clifton Park since it 8pm and we were toast. Home to make a protein shake and have a mug of Autumn harvest for dinner. Not much of an appetite, but I replenished my body with protein and carbs. Bed by 10pm.

18 miles on the day.

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