New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Big Breakfast

August 24th: 6am wakeup. Out for a morning run by 6:18am. 4 miles (29:44). Out and back through Chen High School trails. Back to throw in a French toast bagel (yeah, that is flippin right) and make a protein shake. Ate a bowl of cereal while waiting for the bagel to toast. Single decker PB&J for lunch with a Clif bar and a Nature Valley Bar. Work 7:30am-4pm. Devoured the bagel on the way to work. Busy Friday for work. Lots of things to close out and whatnot. A meeting with our GLOBAL supervisor on the incident log.

Out of there and home by 4:30pm. Drove next to my co-worker until I took exit 9W. It was kinda funny because I was on cruise control in the slow lane and he was up and back in the middle lane. Goupil headed home for the weekend so I was in absolutely no rush to get out the door. I ate a Clif bar to curve the hungry. Finally, I changed up and got running by 8pm. Reflective vest because I'm safety. 7.5 miles (NT) because I just wanted to have a relaxing night run. I did.

Back to foam roll and make a protein shake. Eventually showered and ate a plain tortilla for dinner. I wasn't hungry and I need to hit up Da Choppa. Bed by 11pm.

11.5 miles on the day.

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