New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monday It Up

August 13th: 6am wakeup. Out the door for an easy 4 miles (29:21) through the Shen campus. At around 2.5 miles or so, I just trotting along when something landed on my neck/collarbone. I immediately grabbed it with my hand and realized it was something that decided to sting me. As soon as I was stung, I felt like I was shot (obviously I have never been shot, but I can only imagine). I pressed my shirt on my fresh wound to make it feel better, but it was definitely throbbing the rest of the run. I am glad I am not allergic to whatever I was stung by because my throat would of swollen up like a balloon.  I barely made it back to the apartment to rush around to go to work. No breakfast because there was minimal food in the cabinets/fridge.

Work 7:30am-4pm. Purchased a berry turnover from the cafe for breakfast. Ate my nutella/peanut butter tortilla wraps for lunch and a Nature Valley Bar. I would rather make some ridiculous (and delicious) lunch than buy the overpriced food from the cafeteria restaurant.

Stopped at Da Choppa to grab the main food groups. Unfortunately, there were no tortillas in stock. Home by 5:15ish. We decided to start our "spring" cleaning because our bathroom (the full one with the shower) was a 8th grade science project. The showers became shorter and shorter to stand less in the presence of the gross organisms living in our bathtub. Cleaned the bathroom and relaxed to recuperate from the lack of fresh air. Goupil rocked safety glasses and chemical gloves to prevent from any transfer of disease into his body. I was responsible for the sink and toilet.

Run at 7:20ish. Goupil headed out 15 minutes before and ran the lollipop 11 mile loop. I met him at 4.5 miles (the opposite way of the lollipop loop) and ran in with him. Worked out perfect. 9 miles (58:18).

Home to stretch, foam roll, and make a burger with cheddar cheese, onions, and the spicy ketchup. I had to settle for sandwich bread because of the lack of tortillas at the store. Showering in the super duper clean shower was amazing.

Bed by 10:30ish. 13 miles on the day with a quicker run in the evening.

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