New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cigna 5k + Keene

August 9th: 7:30am wakeup. Chilled for a bit before driving over to Keene State campus for an easy Yale 5 miles (36:45). Back to Fowler to shower up and make it to The Pub before 10am to take advantage of the early bird special. A pancake, two pieces of French toast, 2 eggs overeasy, homefries with onions, and 2 pieces of white toast. Chocolate milk to wash it all down. Destroyed it all and only $5.00 + tip. Ca-chang! Stopped off at Dick's Sporting Goods to peruse the clearance section. Huge find. Small Nike Miler singlet for 19 bucks. Lime green. Sweet!

Back to Fowler to relax and watch 21 Jump Street for the 2nd day in a row. Bagel Works for a sourdough bagel with veggie cream cheese. Left Fowler to pick up Ryan at 3:30ish and travel to Manchester for the Cigna 5k.

Arrived right around 5:15pm. Walked to registration. Registered. Warmed up in the cemetery. 20 minute warmup with the guys. Forgot my trainers so everything was done in my flats. Oh well. Luckily I didn't forget my racers. Race went off at 6:20pm.

Didn't feel smooth, but managed to make it through the race. 4:48, 9:48, 14:46, 15:27 for the finish. Humid out and not happy with the results, but I'm not training for the 5k and especially not his one. It was my first race in over a month. Cooled down almost immediately with the guys. Just short of 4 miles (28:19). 15 miles total on the day. Solid day of training.

Grabbed some Coca-Colas and an ice cream sandwich for the ride home/on the walk back to the car. Made it back to Keene by 9:20ish. Headed out to Cobblestone to hang out with some close friends. Fun night and ready for some more miles.

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