New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Volunteer AREEP

August 25th: 7am wakeup. Stayed in bed for 10 minutes or so. Played Words With Friends. Took a poop. Ate a bowl of Autumn Harvest for breakfast. Grabbed a Clif Bar for later in the day. While I was changing up in my room, I grabbed some socks and this creature came crawling up the wall. It might of been worse than a spider and I ran out of the room to grab paper towel to smoosh it to it's death. Crazy fast, but I succeeded.

 Drove to Indian Meadows Field in Glenville. Arrived at 7am to set up the start/finish line with ARE Event Productions (AREEP). It was the Muddy Sneaker 5k Trail Race. Put up the finish line banner, start/finish chute, entered in day of registration runners into the computer, and other miscellaneous stuff. 3 hours later, we were all done.

Stopped off at Garnsey Park for a "morning" run at 11am. 6 miles (42:30). 3 miles of exploration and 3 miles off solid running. Ran around a couple muddy puddles and there were literally 15-20 frogs that jumped into the little puddle. I also ran past skeleton head of a horse or something (this is also in the middle of the woods through trails that are definitely not run on a bunch. Lastly, I dispersed a group of turkeys or something.

Back to the apartment by 12ish to shower and just straight up relax. I had plans of grocery shopping and laundry. Instead, I took a 3 hour nap until 5:30ish. Protein shake, a Nature Valley Bar, and some Gatorade to fuel up for the 2nd run. Out on the roads by 7pm. 7++ miles (48:43). Back to foam roll, shower and make some dinner. Another diesel quesadilla for dinner. Onions, green peppers, and avocado with chile, cayenne, and cumin. Cheddar and some fancy cheese. Some black beans for protein.  As my dad would say when he orders/speaks of good fish and chips, look at how thick that is!

Watched Adventureland on Netflix from 9:30pm-11:30pm. Bed by 12. Long run tomorrow at tempo pace. Yesss.
13++ miles on the day. Relaxed mileage.

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