New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, August 16, 2012


August 15th: 5:55am wakeup. Out the door for a easy 3+ miler (22:09). Back to stretch and foam roll before showering. Kashi Autumn Harvest for breakfast. Leftover rice and beans with onions for lunch. I just had to add cheese and salsa. Work 7:30am-4pm. At 12pm, we had our monthly EHS meeting that offered pizza. I decided to restrain myself and eat my prepared lunch before the meeting. I stayed strong.

Home by 4:30pm. Sat on the couch for sometime before making moves to change up for UAlbany. Arrived at the campus by 5:45pm. The goal of the workout was 6xmile with 400 rest at marathon pace (MP). 5:20-5:25. 3 mile warmup (20 + strides). Switched up into the Nike Streaks (the newest ones that replaced the marathoners, same ones Hammett wore for VCM). Told myself 80 second quarters as a round number to shoot for every lap. The workout went like this:

5:25 (smooth)
5:24 (same as the first)
5:22 (feeling antsy because it was a relaxed pace)
5:18 (negative split of 2:35, 2:33)
5:12 (uh-oh, but still felt relaxed)
5:05 (told myself 5:10, but it was smooth, 2:34, 2:31)

I was either negative or even splits for all the intervals, which I was very happy with myself. I sometimes get after it too early and positive split intervals 800 and up. I came around 500 meters on my last interval and let Goupil know I might be going a tad faster on the last couple. He replied with, "If you still talking, you're fine!" Ha. Alright. I flowed with it and felt great. No calf sleeves or full compression socks. Rest keep at 7:00-7:20 pace. 42:50 total for the 7.5 miles. 5:43 pace. 3 mile cooldown (20:18).

Stopped at Bountiful Bread for a sandwich and a drink. Pesto, tomato and some thick slices of mozzarella cheese. Chocolate milk from a local town in New York. All around tasty.

Home by 9:20ish. Talked with Kimber for a bit. Showered. Protein shake. Bed by 10:30pm.

17 miles on the day. Boom baby!

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